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Breast Cancer Welfare Association of Malaysia (East Malaysia) $4545 for training equipment, tuition and travel expenses for two nurses and to assist with expenses to organize a Pink Charity Run.


The Borneo Project (Sarawak) Purchased a small hydroelectric generator for a longhouse.  $3000


National Cancer Society of West Malaysia.  Provided free breast screening procedures to 29 low income women.  $1300


Kadazan Schools - Purchased computer for use in rural Kadazan school.  $1000


Hemodialysis Association of Klang (Selangor).  Assist with the purchase of equipment.  $500


World Wise Schools (USA).  Assist with the program to provide information about world culture to American school children.  $500


Sending Aloha Abroad (USA).  Assist with the funding of a documentary film about the first Peace Corps Volunteers who went on to serve in Malaysia after training in Hawaii.  $305


National Peace Corps Association (USA).  Assist with the upgrade expenses of NPCA membership software. $300


Hospis Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).  Assist with palliative care training.  $278


Heritage Foundation (Kuala Lumpur).  Assist with the building of an example of a headman's house.  $250


Doctors Without Borders (Haiti).  Assist with earthquake efforts.  $250


The Borneo Project (Sarawak).  Assist with the cost of providing legal aid to indigenous people of East Malaysia.  $250


The Borneo Project (East Malaysia).  Purchased children's books written in the Penan language.  $250


Humana Child Aid Society (Sabah).  Assist with the operational cost of a school for the children of guestworkers.




Non-Cash Contributions


Friends of Malaysia co-sponsored a reading program in the US on International Children's Day featuring Malaysian children's folktales.  Stories were read by more than 40 returned Peace Corps Volunteers in more than 30 states reaching 3500 elementary school students.  Children learned about Malaysian culture and Peace Corps experiences.


Friends of Malaysia was contacted by a 4th grade teacher in New Hampshire who had a new student from Malaysia.  The student spoke very little English so the teacher requested some children's books in the Malaysian language to ease the transition to learning English.  FOM members were able to provide several books for the student.


















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