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My sister, Karen Berlanti ( Bigelow @ time of being a PC volunteer) will be celebrating her 70th birthday in April of this year.  I am trying to get in touch with anyone that served with her during her years in Malaysia which I believe was 1967 ish.  She was in Borneo and then worked as staff upon return to Wash. DC ( ? Southeast Asia desk).

I am hoping to find any photos or correspondence she may have had during that time as most of her mementos  were lost during various moves.  Any help you could provide would be wonderful.  Peace Corps was a very memorable period of her life and I would love to surprise her with something from that period of her life.


Best Regards,

Cynthia Andrews ( Sister)

(619) 247-1660 cell




I am trying to trace Ms Donella J. Novak (nee) who was a Peace Corp Volunteer Nurse working in the Government General Hospital in Kuala Trengannu (Malaysia) during the period 1963 through to 1965.  


I was working in the same hospital as a doctor over that period and did keep in touch (off and on) with her after she returned to the USA. The last address that I have for her is: 280 Martin Drive, Boulder, Colorado 80303. USA.


Not long after she left Malaysia I too left for the UK and Australia where I have now settled in retirement. I have made attempts to contact her but have failed; if she is still there and has no objection to renewing contact with me, I would be delighted.


Before I sign off I would like to say they (Peace Corps) all made a huge impression on  me and all who came in contact with them with their irrepressible humour, enthusiasm and dedication.


Thank you


Nanda K Menon



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