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Friends of Malaysia is an association of returned Peace Corps Volunteers and others who have an interest in Malaysia.


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Officers and Board Members




VP of Programs:   

Thaine H. Allison, Jr.



Paul Murphy



Paul Murphy



Ruth Zwirner


Newsletter Editor:  

Nancy Gallant

Board Members:    

Karen McClay Flolid 

Marjorie Harrison  

Lynn Juhl

Donald Lovett

Catherine Paul  

Michael Saba

Ken Schuy

Rod Zwirner   



Recent Projects by Friends of Malaysia

In 2020 we provided $500 to Reef Check Malaysia, a non-profit based in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia, which supports a variety of coastal and island marine
conservation and environmental education projects around Malaysia. The best known of these is the annual "International Coastal Clean Up Day" each September.

We donated $500 to NazKids, a Jitra, Kedah-based social enterprise, which empowers young
women through training and income-generating activities. The group made 420 COVID-19, 3-ply reusable masks that were donated to needy primary school students in Jitra, Kedah and
Semporna, Sabah in Malaysia.

Recently we donated $1,000 to the non-profit National Cancer Society of Malaysia for use in
supporting needy breast cancer patients who must travel from rural areas to Kuala Lumpur for
treatment. Our donation is to help needy cancer patients get free support during their treatment at hospitals in KL.

We donated $500 to The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience and are exploring other ways to support the group putting this together.

We also donated to the Malaysian World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to support a project to help train local people in environmental tourism.

For additional details, read drop down section on Contributions.


Go to On Line Membership Application to complete your membership and save the stamps.  Or print out this page, fill out the form and mail it to Paul Murphy, Treasurer Friends of Malaysia 


Name/Maiden Name (if applicable)_____________________________________________________________________________



State ________________     Zip_____________



Peace Corps Service

Country ______________________________


Year ________________________

Make checks payable to:   Friends of Malaysia

Dues  FOM   $15      

Mail to:  Paul Murphy, 510 Little John Hill, Sherwood Forest, MD 21405


You can use the Buy Now button to pay dues.  To make a donation to Friends of Malaysia use the Donate button.  Be sure and send us an email to Paul Murphy ( and tell us dues or what the donation is for, how much and who you are.  Thank you for your support.

The Amazon Prime Smile program provides some donations to FoM. Members who hold an Amazon Prime account can designate a small portion of their
purchases to Friends of Malaysia. This program is handled automatically by Amazon, without any additional cost to either the purchaser or to our association.

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About Us

Welcome to the Home Page of the Friends of Malaysia.   We are the association of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who have served in Malaysia and we are an affiliate group of the National Peace Corps Association. 


Our objectives include the following:

  • Promote a better understanding of Malaysia and its people among Americans

  • Improve education in Malaysia

  • Support the Malaysian people in protecting their environment

  • Support the Peace Corps Agency in its work around the world

  • Donate funds to charities in Malaysia


We publish a quarterly newsletter, Apa Khabar, which is available to our members via email and can be printed by readers. 



Sources of Malaysian  News:


1. Malaysiakini 


2. Malaysian Insider 


3. MalayMail  


4. The Star 


5. The Rakyat Post 


6. New Straits Times 


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