Pokok Pokok & Apa Khabar

Pokok Pokok

A quarterly magazine written and produced by Malaysia PCVs from 1965 to 1983. The vignettes of everyday life, poems, reflective essays, reports on vacation travel, and photographs published in Pokok Pokok offer a window into what Peace Corps Volunteers were thinking and doing. The stories in Pokok Pokok are generally humorous, sometimes critical of the Peace Corps bureaucracy, and always interesting. 

When the Peace Corps office in KL was closed in 1983, it seems that most local records were destroyed, including Pokok Pokok and we have not found a library that contains copies. Fortunately, PCVs Don Lovett (Malaysia 89) and Clayton Gill (Malaysia 90) published a selection collection of articles from past issues, appropriately titled "The Best of Pokok Pokok" (Kuala Lumpur, Peace Corps, 1981). You can read and download the entire volume by clicking HERE.

Thanks to RPCVs Dave Zane, Lars Neises, and Cary Kassebaum, we have scanned copies of some of the individual issues of Pokok Pokok.  To access, just click on the specific issue:

Oct/Nov 1967, June/July 1968, October/November 1968, September 1975, February 1977, April 1977

August 1977, November 1977, June 1978, October 1978, February 1979, June 1979, October 1979,

 April 1980

There are many gaps in our collection of earlier issues of Pokok Pokok and Apa Khabar. If you have copies of these missing issues, please scan or mail the paper copies to Friends of Malaysia. Contact charleshirschman@friendsofmalaysia.net for details.