In 1989, the JFK Library in Boston launched a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection that includes oral histories as well as documents donated by RPCVs. In recent years, the JFK Library changed its policy of collecting materials from all RPCVs to only those who served during JFK's presidency (1961-63). The JFK Library has retained all materials collected under its original policy, including many Malaysia RPCVs (scroll down this page and click on Malaysia to see the holdings from Malaysia RPCVs). Most of holdings are only available onsite at the JFK Library, including oral history interviews with Malaysia RPCVs Stephen Alkus, JoAnna Woo Allen, Barbara Arnold, Frederick Arnold, Larry Bishop, Gay Brooks, Paul Colter, Ed Demerly, John Fredericks, Paul Fromer, Bertie Mae Garrett, Martha Horne Maher, John Southworth, Susan M. Stacy, and Judy Stone. A few Malaysia RPCV oral history interviews are available online:

Kelley, Barbara (1966-1967): Oral history interview

Pedersen, Karen (1962-1965): Oral history interview

Quattro, Mary (1968-1970): Oral history interview 

Smith, Patricia Matisz (1973-1975): Oral history interview 

Wagner, Tom (1965-1967): Oral history interview

The JFK Library transcript of an oral history interview with Charles F. Baldwin. U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia 1961-64, includes an interesting discussion of the early days of the Peace Corps, including the enthusiastic support of Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman (pp 59-61).

Lewis Butler: On the Value of the Peace Corps Lew Butler served as Peace Corps Director in Malaya from 1962-64. Lewis H. Butler, “A Life of Public Service: Ploughshares Fund, California Tomorrow, Health Policy, HEW, the Environment, the Peace Corps” conducted by Ann Lage in 2008-2009, Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2010. Complete Transcript

The National Peace Corps Association has an active program to collect and share oral histories of RPCVs in collaboration with the Louis B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky (see, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Oral History Project).  There is a link on the site to request to be interviewed or to volunteer to be trained as an interviewer. Oral interviews of Malaysia RPCVs in the collection include:

Interview with Lynn Juhl, May 12, 2023

Interview with Roberta R. Nutt, April 5, 2023

Interview with Elizabeth Porter Rundquist, July 29, 2022

Interview with Llyn "Lynn Patterson" De Danaan, October 19, 2022

Interview with Thalia Felice Johnson, September 14, 2022

Interview with George Ken Shuey, August 29, 2022

Interview with Jane DeCourcy Wong, July 3, 2021

Interview with Michael H. Anderson, May 7, 2021

Interview with Blanche Grade Griffin, February 19, 2021

Interview with Charles "Chuck" Miley, July 27, 2021

Interview with Patricia Elser Gillespie, April 22, 2022

Interview with Virginia Bradley, June 19, 2022

Interview with Lloyd Kreitzer, April 27, 2021

Interview with Rod Zwirner, March 3, 2022

Interview with Wayne Summers, February 3, 2022

Interview with Thaine H. Allison, Jr., November 18, 2021

Interview with Steve Graham, December 10, 2021

Interview with Donald Lovett, January 15, 2021

Interview with John V. Payne, February 8, 2005

Interview with Marlene Ellis Payne, John V. Payne, June 20, 1993