Malaysia RPCV Directory

The current version of the Malaysia RPCV Directory (updated on 4/7/2024) includes the names of approximately 3,300 PCVs who served in Malaysia from 1961 to 1983. Names are listed alphabetically within training groups for each "start year" (the year in which Peace Corps training began) from 1961 to 1968. Training group matching is only available for about half of PCVs from 1969 to 1981. This means that some PCVs are listed by training group within start years and others are just listed alphabetically by start year after the list of training groups for that year.

Here is a 6-page memo that explains the origins of the FoM project to create a RPCV Directory and why it is still a work in progress. The primary source of the Directory was Peace Corps administrative records originated in more than a hundred training programs and field offices in Malaysia. Given to the manual process of typing and retyping of those days, it is not too surprising that there were many omissions, duplicates, and incorrect years of service. We have been able to correct many errors, but there are certainly many more that remain.

The Peace Corps list only contained names, start year, and end year. From many other sources, including Friends of Malaysia and National Peace Corps Assocation membership records, published (1992, 2006, and 2016) NPCA Directories,, social media, and Training Group picture books, we have added available information on training group numbers whether deceased, and contact details (not included on the FoM website). None of these additional sources are comprehensive, up to date, or always accurate. The Directory will be updated from time to time with additional information and corrections of errors. Friends of Malaysia welcomes updates and corrections; please send to  Contact information in the Directory will only be shared with Malaysia RPCVs and their friends and family.