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Malaysian News:


1. Malaysiakini 


2. Malaysian Insider 


3. MalayMail  


4. The Star 


5. The Rakyat Post 


6. New Straits Times 


Interesting Malaysians to follow on BLOGS, Facebook & Twitter:


1. Alan Teh Leam Seng, Writes feature stories for the New Straits Times


2. Anwar Ibrahim, Prime Minister of Malaysia

3. Rest Stop Thoughts by Ramanathan, Malaysian Blogger and Human Rights Activist 

4.  Sultan Nazrin Shah, Sultan of the State of Perak and noted economic historian (PhD Harvard)  

5.  Sama-Sama: A Multicultural Art Journey by artist Lefty Julian

Culture, Art, Cuisine, and Other Enchantments of Malaysia

"Sambut Tamu" (modern version of Murut dance from Keningau) by "Lets Nari SFX KGAU"-- students from SK St. Francis Xavier school of Keningau (Sabah, Malaysia).

Frank Catania (Malaysia 29,1970-73) writes, "We have found several cookbooks (see book covers) over the years that teach us how to recreate many of the dishes we learned to love in Malaysia." 

Paul Murphy (Malaysia 35, 1971-73) recommends The Complete Asian Cookbook by Charmaine Soloman, (McGraw-Hill, 1981) with recipes (and photos) of 800 classic and contemporary dishes from Southeast Asia India and China.

Peace Corps Malaysia Photos (How to convert slides and photos into digital images by John Dixon)

Peace Corps Malaysia (Media Library) 154 b/w pictures of Malaysia PCVs

Malaysia  RPCV Albums on Flickr by Lance Lyman (1964-71), Michael Wood (1965-66), Barbara Sallettes (1964-66), Tom Linnell (1965-72), Jillian Beuschel Marohnic (1978-80), Paul Murphy (1971-73), Nancy Gallant (1969-71), Paul Sochaczewski (1969-71), Jamari Salleh (1973-75), Marjorie Harrison (1974-76), Daniel Claffey (1970-72).

Bill Cull, Malaysia PCV 1964-66 (Malaysia 6), b/w portraits of Kedah and Penang

Charles Hirschman PCV 1965-67 (Malaysia 9), Kampong Mengkuang, Baling, Kedah

Jo Knight, PCV 1965-67 (Malaysia 12), Alor Star, Kedah

Thaine H. Allison, Jr., PCV 1962-64 (Borneo/Sarawak 1), Bandau/Kudat 1962-64:

Album 1, Album 2, Album 3

John Dixon, PCV, Malaysia 19: Bayan Lepas, Penang (1968-70) and Kota Bharu, Kelantan (1970-72)

Blue Mansion in Penang, Kota Bharu Traditional Cultural Events, Transport on Pulau Pinang, Kampong Seronok, Rice Farming in Kelantan, Fishing in Kelantan, Chinese & Indian Festivals in Penang, "Pegawai Jamban," Bayan Lepas: Town & ClinicRumah saya -- Bayan Lepas, Raft trip, building a house, making batik , Borneo/Sabah 1972, Borneo - Labuan/ Brunei 1972, Borneo/Sarawak 1972  “The Photographer's Eye” (an essay)

Photos From the prior FoM site (hosted on Wix)

FoM at 50th Anniversary of Merdeka in 2007 (read about this event)

FoM Events and RPCV Reunions

PCVs Then and Now

Malaysian Scenes 

Online sources for Student (and other) researchers

U of Washington Library (by Judith Henchy) Southeast Asian Studies Home (A research guide for UW students, but many references are available to general public (excluding those with lock image). To search for Malaysia sources, click on a topic in left hand menu and then search for "Malaysia."

Northern Illinois University Southeast Asia Digital Library

Berita: The newsletter of the Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Studies Group | OHIO Open Library Journals | Ohio University Breita -- the current issue and back issues (1998-2023) of the Newsletter of the Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei (MSB) Studies Group of the Assocation Studies Association (scholars and students of Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei)

Ohio University Library Malaysian Resource Center

Cornell University Kroch Library Asia Collections: Malaysia