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There are many gaps in our collection of earlier issues of Apa Khabar. Dear readers--if you have copies of these missing issues, please scan (or mail the paper copies and we will can and return the originals to you (contact charleshirschman@friendsofmalaysia.net)

The issues of Apa Khabar from 2011 to 2016 are currently only available on the issuu.com platform. To enlarge the text, click on the "full screen" icon in the lower-right of the viewer--the four right angles).

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Winter 2004 11(3)

Fall 2001 8(3), pp. 1-6     Winter 2001

Winter 1998 5(3), pp. 1-6

June 1997 pp. 3-16

Friends of Malaysia Newsletter 1, Fall 1989