This website belongs to you--the Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Malaysia, and it can become better with your suggestions and contributions. To help us, you first need to understand the mechanics and objectives of the website. The technology (Google Sites) behind this website does not allow readers to post comments. Fortunately, there is an alternative platform for you to post comments, remembrances of Malaysia, and to spontaneously interact with others -- the Peace Corps Malaysia Facebook Page.  This website is akin to a library (or Wikipedia), which maintains significant records, publications and information about Peace Corps Malaysia and the contributions of Volunteers after their Peace Corps service. For example, the Obituaries section (under "RPCV News") lists the names and dates of death of more than 200 Malaysia RPCVs that we have lost -- with clickable links to published obituaries of those we have been able to find. However, the list is woefully incomplete. If you have knowledge of other Malaysia RPCVs who have passed, please send their name, date of death, and links to an obituary or remembrances, so that their memory can be honored. 

The best source of stories about the Peace Corps in Malaysia are contained in  Pokok-Pokok (the newsletter published by PCVs in Malaysia) and Apa Khabar (the newsletter of FoM). However, our collection of electronic copies on this website is incomplete. If you have old copies, please scan them (pdf preferred) or send the original paper copies (which will be returned to you after scanning) 

On the "Training Groups" page, we would like to include scanned copies of the "picture books" for each Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak, and Malaysia training group and other materials of general interest.

For the "Malaysiana" page, please send your recommendations for books, cinema, cookbooks, and links to Malaysian bloggers, arts, or topics of general interest about historical or contemporary Malaysia. You can also send links to your Peace Corps photos that are posted on photo sharing sites.

The Board member who is assigned to keep up with this website is Charles Hirschman (1965-67, Malaysia IX). Send materials/questions about the website to Charlie at: and general correspondence to: